Mia Khalifa in cloths children and their curious way of eating


The beautiful model and businesswoman Mia Khalifa shared a picture on one of your social networks Twitter, where is featured wearing a delicious swimsuit and eating in a peculiar way.

Khalifa surprised greatly to their followers in any publication that performs well, despite the fact that for years he left the industry the launched to stardom continues to be a trending top.

It was twelve months in which Mia Khalifa worked performing films for adults participating in a total of twenty-nine films.

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Although in its country of origin was rejected, when it appears in such movies and even more when she appeared wearing a hijab, now it is a whole celebrity lebanesein just two months of its appearance in this type of films managed to be a women’s favorite in the official website in which he worked.

The hijab it is a symbol typical of his culture and getting it put away in a certain way in the Middle East in addition to acting in that kind of movies.

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Disappointed of this market decided to get out of the middle to make a different life, while taking advantage of the success that this brought to her life.

Is currently involved with Robert Sandberg who has as a profession to be chef and acquiesce in every opportunity that you are presented with delicious dishes.

Since his exit from the industry and from the moment you opened your Instagram is that able to know your taste in food so it is not a secret that loves to eat, from a simple hot dog to a meal in a elegant restaurant.

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In the publication Khalifa appears enjoying a juicy burgerlicking his finger, which probably made her sigh to his followers for the old times, while wearing a dominuto bathing suit color red.

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Despite the fact that you eat enough so that you can appreciate in certain publications Mia does a lot of exercise which also shares continuously.

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