Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato revived their friendship thanks to the quarantine


Miley Cyrus wants to encourage its fans in the “dark times” that has brought the coronavirus, that is why I created a new talk show within your Instagram Live: “Bright Minded”.

In your effort to maintain a healthy distance, the singer invented a program where you interview various people about different themes, and which will be forwarded to your personal account from Monday to Friday.

In its second episode, the actress also had a guest of honor: Demi Lovato, with whom he talked about their long friendship, and of how they have supported over the years, even though they were not in contact.

“I’m very excited and I think that my fans and followers will feel the same. ‘Bright Minded’ in live with Miley just to get to a whole new level, one of the women most inspiring that I have the honor of call friend for the last 15 years has been made available to be in my program Urges Live… that has as its purpose to bring light [durante] a moment dark, and all of you will go crazy. Demi Lovato will be on my program tomorrow and we’re going to talk about ways to stay strong, optimistic and helpful by doing exercise that actively used to maintain a brilliant mind” said Cyrus.

For them to also maintain their healthy distance, the singers of 27 years made the show with the help of their phones and each protected in their own home.

Cyrus wanted to get straight to the point, and that’s why you asked Lovato what are your recommendations to stay lit during dark times.

I started going to the church in December and I found my relationship with God. I also found this application that has prayers. And for me, that is my form of meditation, through prayers. […] Mwhile the more you meditate, the more you can calm down” said Lovato.

In addition, both talked about the different breathing exercises that you practice with applications such as Headspace and Aura. “You can also talk with your friends and communicate” added Lovato.

The actresses also sinceraron with their followers about how they joined, thanks to which together endured dysmorphia body, self-love, and grow in the public eye.

Cyrus spoke specifically about how he had to deal with the bullying online, after her performance at the Video Music Awards 2013. There, her view of herself changed, and she felt very hurt by the comments that I read online.

In the first place, I am so sad that you have gone through all that, I had no idea. I wish I had been there for you We have gone through times in which we are more near and then distant, and that’s fine, that’s what friends do, I only wish I had been there for you, but if that ever happens, it is best to call me. I will go to Malibu,” said Lovato.

Cyrus confessed that this was an opportunity not only to talk with Lovato, but in order to reflect the important things in life.

“In fact, I wrote about us today. I was looking at some of the questions that I was going to make and one of the last things I wrote was … I Wrote this question for you, and then I realized how much we applied … I Wrote: ‘It is in this way that it was a great opportunity to call in and connect with people with whom I’ve lost contact. It is in these times of crisis that you realize what really matters’”, replied Cyrus.