Miley Cyrus strikes again and she dances with scant clothing to his fans


Miley Cyrus fell again to social networks to show coquettish movements with little clothing.

Definitely the word quiet is not going hand-in-hand of the singer Miley Cyrus who seemingly kept himself in peace to his followers until he shared his most recent publication.

The former Disney star who, since several years ago he abandoned his innocent role in Hannah Montana to become a woman without prejudices is not afraid to show their beauty to their fans through their official accounts.

On this occasion, the artist again cause fury after that while taking a bit of sun decided to make a cute and short dance in which they showed with a few garments through to Enter.

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Of course, the new publication caused a stir in the #Smilers who instantly reacted to the eccentricities of his ídola.

And is that in recent years, the singer it has been commissioned to demonstrate that it does what it pleases, and while his voice has reiterated on multiple occasions why it has obtained recognition as a great interpreter, on the other hand offend your audience at any opportunity.

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On this occasion, the artist appears in the sun on a beach chair, the interpreter “Wrecking ball“it appears a white-coated when in a moment he stood from the chair and started moving his hips to the rhythm of a seductive song, this while also being robbed of the clothes they wore leaving to see his swimsuit two-piece, white in color.

If you want to see the controversial video of the singer Miley Cyrus continues to this link.

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Continúando with the bold publications of the singer is also in days gone by he shared with his followers the new tattoo that was the which, for a change sparked strong controversy.

The artist, Miley Cyrus showed in your arm the new engraving that was made on one of his arms, which appears the silhouette of a woman.

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In addition to the publication of the singer he shared a message on the controversial publication:

I am becoming more basic each day. The only thing that the “new me” loves more than a selfie in the mirror is to have time for yourself,” wrote Cyrus, at the side of the image that already has over a million likes and endless comments.