Naomi Seibt, the what arch-enemy? Greta Thunberg



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There are those who are convinced that if we do not act now, the devastating effects of climate change will end up with us; but there are also those who think the opposite. One of them is Naomi Seibt, the young German woman who claims to be “realistic weather” and questionable to Greta Thunberg, the activist founder of Fridays for the Future.

It is european, white, and eloquent, just like Greta Thunberg; has only two more years (19) but thinks and does diametrically the opposite of the Swedish: the struggle for installing the idea that there is no such thing as climate change. So, Naomi Seibt it comes becoming increasingly popular.

Seibt is an employee of the conservative and libertarian Heartland Institute, an organization known for promoting theories, anti-scientific radical about the climate crisis, and that —according to various media of communication— is supported by companies of fossil fuels and coal. In his name, Seibt has spoken at multiple events organized by the think tanks related.

Recently she was invited as a speaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference (Cpac), the annual political summit of conservatives in Washington, who was also the president of the united States, Donald Trump. There, the young denounced to applause, “the alarmism climate for those who want to panic for recortarnos our freedoms”, according to published ABC.

Before, more precisely on 3 December 2019, Seibt spoke as a guest at the Forum of the Climate Reality in Madrid, a summit to counter the warnings of the United Nations on climate change, while Thunberg was speaker at the COP 25.

On other occasions, the young German has also reported that: “the science of climate change it really is not science at all”, according to published The Guardian. And that: “the objective [de los científicos del clima] it is shame to humanity. The scaremongering on climate change in its essence is an ideology negligibly antihumana and tells us that we look at our achievements with guilt, with shame and disgust, and not even that we take into account the many important benefits that we achieved when using fossil fuels as our main source of energy.”

The young German, youtuber since may of 2019 upload videos on topics ranging from “migration, feminism and climate change”, do not like to compare it with Thunberg, according to reported The Washington Post.

Seibt warns that his political vision was not developed in response to the activist Swedish, but rather in parallel, and that was caused by his disagreement with the liberal policies of immigration of the German authorities, there by 2015, he said in an interview with Die Weltwoche. After said that the fact of seeing young people join the protests weekly Fridays for the Future, triggered his opposition activism on climate change.

She is a voice great for free markets and for the realism of climatesaid James Taylor, who directs the Center Arthur B. Robinson for the Climate Policy and Environmental at the Institute Heartland, a reputed study centre libertarians with headquarters in the suburbs of Chicago.