Natalia Barulich confirms his break with Maluma


On the situation, People en Español reported that the couple have ended their relationship after the singer was present at a concert in Los Angeles, what would be spaced from about a month ago.

Maluma and Natalia Barulich©@natalia
The couple had celebrated two years board in June last

Maluma, are you interested in another girl?

After revealing that the couple had ended their relationship, the absence of their pictures together in networks had more sense. A long time neither he nor she sat for the camera with the romanticism that used to show some months ago. Even explained why the singer seemed interested in another model.

Maluma and Natalia Barulich©@natalia
Maluma and Natalia are currently located in New York, even though each one by his side

The singer could have set their eyes on the model Winnie Harlow after being spotted together with a group of friends in a nightclub. Despite this, Maluma and Winnie are just good friends. On the situation that has put the name of the song and Natalia in the holders of the notes of the heart, the representative of colombia did not give a statement about it; however Maluma seems to confirm to their way the news since blotted out of your social networks photos in which he appeared to be with her.