Niall Horan, is attacked by Hailee Steinfeld in her new song?


A long time ago, the artist Niall Horan and Hailee Steinfeldwere one of the couples who make more tenderness aroused among the followers of both artists. Their relationship was very discreet, and as expected, everyone wanted to know details about their relationship, that didn’t last too long, since in December of 2018 put an end to their courtship.

Now, the artist Hailee Steinfeld, star of the movies ‘Pitch Perfect’ could have dedicated his new song to his ex-partner, the british artist Niall Horan.

“Hailee and Niall had something very strong during the summer, but they separated a few months ago and have tried to keep it under wraps “, said a source close to the actress by then.

Hailee realized that I had many things above and its agenda of work was insanely busy. She was preparing for a massive press tour for his new film. They really tried to make it work. It was definitely a young love,” explained the same source.

During the past year, Niall Horan has published several songs of heartbreak that everyone knew that they were addressed to his ex-partner, that is to say, his relationship with Hailee Steinfeld.

And now is when the singer and actress has decided to be her you talk to and send his ex a song addressed to him and to the rupture that took exactly a year ago. What will be true?.

It is worth remembering that in his time it was said that the break was amicable, but things could have changed between them. Only time will tell.