Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are not in a hurry to be parents


It may have been already four months since that lavish double wedding that put the finishing touch to their love story in India, or just a few days ago the young performer fantaseara about the prospect of teaching one day her future children the fruits of their labor in the factory Disney, but what is certain is that Nick Jonas has wanted to make it clear now that neither he nor his wife, actress Priyanka Chopra, they are going to rush to the time of entering a world as complex and demanding as parenting.

“We’re going to take our time. There is No rush”, has been limited to answering the interpreter when the microphones of the news portal ‘Extra’ you have been challenged on the calendar that handle the two lovers face at a pace that will certainly be momentous and will completely change the dynamics of your daily life.

Nick Jonas
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The future plans of Nick Jonas

We must also remember, for those who feel somewhat confused about the contrast between the statements that has been offering the younger of the brothers Jonas this week, that shortly after they confirm the dating of the two artists ‘ own Nick zanjaba quickly the debate that was already causing around the possibility of which is already preparing to have offspring

“Of course, that is the ultimate goal of any relationship, I would say. But right now, not that I have precisely in a hurry. Today I am focused on the task of continuing to embarcándome in new projects, work everything you can, and keep me very busy in that sense. But yes, in the long term of course I like to form my own family,” acknowledging with all sincerity the artist of 26 years.

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