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Different artists and celebrities of Hollywood have decided to abide by the quarantine measures now and protect your health in their homes. For this reason, many of them seek to engage in activities that take them out of the routine and make occasions day-to-day special events.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas showed that they do not need to leave home to enjoy a date elegant. The actress shared with his followers in Instagram a photograph in which you see the couple dressed for a special night.

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The husbands are going through the quarantine in his California residence next to their pups, Gino and Diana. Despite the fact that by the time they have been away from the social networks, and they let him out of his day-to-day to their millions of followers.

Priyanka Chopra on Instagram

In the image, Priyanka Chopra highlights its beauty with a sari blue color. This traditional dress indian consists of a canvas made of silk or cotton and is wound on the body, exposing one of the shoulders and part of the abdomen.

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The wife of Nick Jonas made it clear that was not disobedient to the rules of social isolation and indicated that he misses his friends and family: “I wanted to wear a sari. So I did… at home. Miss you all”.

The photography has managed to accumulate 2 million of ‘likes’ on the platform Instagram.