No down time!! Ex girlfriend Maluma, Natalia Barulich, flirts with Demi Lovato


The ex-girlfriend of the singer was also related to the footballer Neymar, who is a friend of the singer.

The model Natalia Barulich is being linked in recent days with the singer Demi Lovato this is because after some comments on Instagram, where without doubt they were explicit compliments more demanding.

It all began when the model went up to his account of Instagram a video in which he could be seen dressed up as princess Jasmine from the movie Aladdin. “I grant you a wish tonight,” tracing the publication of Natalia.

Natalia Barulich loved by her outfit

The comment was harshly responded to by the singer, who emphasized, “But, what if you’re my desire?”, accompanying the message with emojis of a heart and the other sticking out his tongue.

Demi Lovato and Natalia Barulich switched networks

The former of Maluma not to be left behind to which he responded, “Well, you’re mine,” with an emoji of a rose. To which his followers began to speculate a flirtation between the young people.