Not used double action


There is No doubt about the capabilities dramatic Margot Robbie. But not only that, because the actress is one of the most demanding with herself to prepare for a role, learning what is needed that requires the character to interpret.

It is what he has done for Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey, film already wanted to make herself the scenes complicated, without resorting to double action.

It is a choreography for anything easy, but the actress knew how to solve with ease, as you can see in a video that has been shared on Twitter.

In the clip, Robbie, characterized as the villain more charismatic than DC, is facing two men, who copes with a pirouette impossible for the air which flows into a cartwheel and finishes off with several blows of the bat. A sequence that, had it not been for these images, we would have taken it for granted that I had done it the double action of the australian.

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