O eternal love! Lucero confessed why Manuel Mijares is unforgettable You know it all!


Lucero is one of those stars unforgettable, admired by all that saw her become one of the most important referents of the entertainment industry mexican, nothing less for those who soon celebrates 40 years of career.

The artist he is currently very active on social networks, where it has poured hundreds of stories to their loved ones, and who can not be missing is Manuel Mijares, the father of your children.

Let us remember that the couple became an icon, because their relationship reached a high in popularity so much that their marriage was televised, breaking audience records in 1997.

For the artists it all started when they made the musical collaboration with the theme “Four times the love”, it quickly became apparent the chemistry that before could not be reflected by the difference of age.

By that time the actress it was framed in the project “bridges of love”, and when the opportunity arose to return to reunite with the interpreter to make a living, the famous uttered the famous phrase: “Until you made me Tony”.

Although the romantic relationship has ended after 14 years, America’s sweetheart and the singer kept a close bond through their children, for it is nothing uncommon to see in the web compliments and praise from one to another.

Something that if it would cause a furor among the fans Lucero and Mijares is going to see them sing together, a recurring monthly order between their families and closest friends, is that without a doubt are one of the duos most significant of the story.