Of hroe of action to father’s desperate plea: Chris Hemsworth suffers with their children at home


Los angeles, USA.- Many parents have been struggling to keep their children at home for 24 hours a day. And such is the case of the actor Chris Hemsworth those who revel has suffered with their children to apply in their classes on line.

It was in a interview from a distance with the comedian Jimmy Kimmel that the interpreter Thor mention that it has not been easy to achieve that the children are not distracted by being at home.

Have been watching YouTube and stuff. I have tried and I’ve failed miserably. It has traded close to 4 or 5 hours, and with the bribery you get maybe 20 minutes of work”, to ensure the famous.

In addition, the australian of 36 years said that there is a lot of difference between the current classes and which l received when he was a child.

Everything has changed since I was in school. I was talking with the professor about everything that has been aadiendo and subtracting, has not been simple. Now there are new things and I do not understand very well.”

Chris Hemsworth concluded by explaining that despite everything, they feel relaxed by being in the family, and assured him that he and his children will know to get out of this.

Source: The Universal