One of the Kardarshian: the fun photo session of Anabel Pantoja imitating Kim


Are almost twins?

Anabel Pantoja has become to make your own, to make more pleasant the hours of boredom of their followers. As it could not be otherwise, the contributor has shown his good sense of humor and has decided to mimic a few photographs of the very Kim Kardashian.

In fact, he has made several collages so you can see the difference between a snapshot and another. Under the title of “PantoKim. When you order by Aliexpress, when you arrive”, Anabel Pantoja has brought a smile to her over 900 thousand followers.

In the first picture you can see as the niece of Isabel Pantoja has made a replica of the hall of the entrepreneur, taking care of every one of the details. While Kim Kardashian appears with a few leggings white to play with a top sports of neckline at ‘V’, Anabel Pantoja has opted for a pant tobillero something more roomy and a bralette similar to the celebrity. All a statement of intentions of what fun that would be his resting.