Photo: Now if you saw Jennifer Lopez! A neglect of the left uncovered


Jennifer shared on her Instagram this explosive photography and Alex, your partner you want to delete, Look at the reason!.

Jennifer Lopez it is one of the few artists who often publish or comment on his private life. However, on this occasion, the diva of the Bronx joined the group of famous artists that they decided to keep a constant communication with their fans and the only way of doing it, is posting old photos on social networks, while maintaining confinement, social.

This was demonstrated by the famous singer, in one of the snapshots published by the Jlo where poses in front of the cameras wearing a lovely black dress in the hindu style and hair loose, this picture was found in the google account, it can be seen to the beautiful singer who shows a lot more of the account, leaving fly the imagination of many.

Obviously, it is an outfit that has little do with the isolation in which we find ourselves, although it is possible to observe Jennifer feel very relaxed taking place.

To lack of current images, Jennifer posted another image that halted once more at the heart of their fans, when was photographed wearing a solid black where it was presumed his perfect and long legs, leaving that opportunity to all stunned. Oh Wao, that woman!.

Images that makes it very clear how well they retained the new yorker 50 years and all thanks to the strict healthy and balanced diet that keeps as well as the long hours she spends working out at the gym.

In all your facets, for Mui you are and you will be the diva of the Bronx.