Poignant message of Drake Maverick after his dismissal


Poignant message of Drake Maverick after his dismissal. The fighter released a video on twitter where she burst into tears after learning of his dismissal.

Poignant message of Drake Maverick after his dismissal

Drake Maverick was ready to compete in the Tournament of weight cruise of NXT, and was excited about the future. He was dismissed along with so many others today.

Maverick sat down while wearing a t-shirt of the WWE and said what he thought after receiving a phone call that he never wanted to. It was solemn and serious when he spoke about how the new coronavirus has changed the world so much.

Will continue competing in the Tournament of weight cruise NXT, but then broke into tears and said that these might be the last fighting that you have in your career.

He said that there are many people who will not have the chance to say goodbye. This was a video very sad, because he promised to give it his all in the last three matches in the that will compete in the Tournament for the Championship Weight Cruise of NXT.

Remember that tonight begins the tournament to crown a interim champion of the weight cruise in the weekly program of NXT due to Jordan Devlin can’t travel to the united States because of the Coronavirus.

Remember that Planet Wrestling, the web’s number one WWE in Spanish is still reporting all the News from WWE. Despite the COVID19 shows WWE RAW, WWE SmackDown, and WWE NXT will continue airing on a weekly basis. AEW Dynamite and AEW Dark also continue to move forward.

The mexican wrestling (CMLL and Triple A) and the Puroresu (NJPW) are detained or disputing their closed door events. PPVs like Money in The Bank 2020 have been changed of location. ¡We continue to work to bring you all the information!