Police arrest husband of Nicki Minaj not to register as a sex offender | Music


Kenneth Petty was sentenced for attempted rape

Kenneth Petty

, husband of rapper,



, was arrested Wednesday by the California police, by not registering in the list of sex offenders in the State.

The couple of rapper that collaborates in “



Karol G

served a sentence of 4 years in prison in New York, after which in 1995 is found guilty for attempting to rape a teenage girl of 16 years of age.

The law of the united States of America requires that all those who have been sentenced as sex offenders to register and notify of any change of address; Kennet Petty she moved to California from 2019.

According to the information portal TMZ, the husband of NIcki Minajthe defendant appeared before the judge and was declared “not guilty”, even though his accusers were asking to be given house arrest.

At the end, Kenneth Petty pay a fine of 100 thousand dollars for not having registered on the list of sex offenders in the State of California.

For her part, his wife Nicki Minaj is enjoying the success of “Tusa“, a song in which collaborates together to Karol G, and which has become viral in the last few weeks.