Recommended by Kate Beckinsale to avoid a divorce


A few months ago Gwyneth Paltrow got cornered once more an endless number of owners to share the last term that I had learned during the sessions with the coordinator of intimacy, ‘polarity sentimental’, to explain why he had decided not to live under the same roof as her husband Brad Falchuk despite the fact that it took almost a year of marriage.

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The thread of his statements, other stars, like the actress of the series The Big Bang Theory Kaley Cuoco, wanted to throw a cloak revealing for example that, in her case, she was delighted residing in a dwelling other than your partner Karl Cook while completing the works that will be their definitive home.

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The british actress Kate Beckinsale it is also of the opinion that marriage and cohabitation do not always have to go hand in hand and, after his experience having been married for a decade with her ex-husband Len Wisemannot considered to be the best option for everyone.

“I think that to many people, they would be better off married if you do not have to live in the same house. To be married is the easy part, but all of this coexistence… that part can be overwhelming. I also believe that women -and it may be that here is generalizing, but it seems to me that it is true – we put the needs of others to our own. So if you have a husband or a boyfriend, children, parents… it is very easy for you to have a concrete idea of what you want and at the end you’re done giving in on all the senses. And it is nice to not have to negotiate everything all the time,” said the interpreter in a new interview Women’s Health about the advantages of enjoying a house for her myself.

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