Rihanna and Jay-Z donate $ 1 million each to fight the COVID-19 | People | Entertainment


The united states is the country that more cases of coronavirus recorded, so the singer Rihanna and rapper Jay-Z have wanted to contribute financially in the fight against the pandemic.

The donation will be a million dollar each one through their respective foundations: ‘Clara Lionel’ of Rihanna and the Foundation of Jay-Z ‘Shawn Carterirán’, and have communicated through their Twitter accounts, and Instagram.

‘Clara Lionel’ also announced a donation of five million dollars to organizations working in the fight against the virus in EE. UU., the Caribbean and Africa.

The purpose of the two million donated is to support undocumented workers, people deprived of their freedom, homeless, elderly, and the children of the medical staff who are fighting in Los Angeles and New York.

The amount will be given in grants to organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the Coalition of New York Immigration Fund, the Mayor of Los Angeles and the Fund for Public Schools, as well as childcare services, food and school supplies for the children of the professionals in the health sector and the emergency services.

Gloria Carter, chief executive of ‘Shawn Carterirán’ and mother of Jay-Z, stressed in a statement the importance of team work. “In times of crisis, it is imperative that we unite as a community to make sure that everyone, especially the most vulnerable, have access to basic needs: shelter, health, nutrition and education.” (I)