Rosalia revolutionizes the networks with their versions of Beyonce and Lola Flores


Rosalia has returned to the rolling of brown with a karaoke virtual from your account of Instagram. The artist, who is confined in Miami, he has interpreted the songs asked of them by their fans, like Beyoncé, Lola Flores, Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish.

“Today I’ve woken up with the urge to go to a karaoke, but, as you can not, it occurs to me that I can sing from home. Tell me what songs you would like peeped. Os leo. Elegidme a few good songs, a few good great songs!”, announced the singer via Instagram.

The publication of the singer, who has had over 3 million views, soon it was filled with a multitude of requests, through comments, of more than 31.000. Many asked for some of their own songs, but without a doubt the most successful has been the mythical “To your vera”, of Lola Flores. Theme that the artist knew very well, because he played with Penelope Cruz in the film “Pain and Glory” (2019), of Pedro Almodóvar.

Precisely for this reason, the Catalan artist began his karaoke improvised in the stories of Instagram this song of Lola Flores, which was followed by a litany of songs from various singers of size, national and international.

After covering The Pharaoh, the artist changed his ‘look’ and styling to get into the skin of Dua Lipa singing ‘Don’t start now’, where it asked for “forgiveness” to his friend, recognizing in this way that English is not his strong point. The same thing happened with the interpretation of the theme ‘When the party is over’ Billie Eilish -with the that they will be releasing a collaboration soon-although nothing of that slowed down to keep singing.

And if there is something that stands out Rosalia is for his variety of musical styles, you can sing a song of flamenco is like going to “dirty dancing,” the sounds of reggae, as has been seen in their discography, so that the singer (on-demand of their fans) sang the legendary song of Daddy Yankee, ‘Gasoline’.

Also it was the turn of the remix of “Easy”, a collaboration between Jhay Cortez and Ozuna. With this last Rosalia played the last year one of his hits, ‘I x you, you x-my’.

In the meridian of the action, Rosalia pointed out that “there are many singers that she admires and likes to imitate, and with a pot of soap in the hand as a microphone ripped off the ‘Halo’, Beyoncé’s, referred to as a ‘Queen’ and “Ídola” and asked for “forgiveness” for playing his song without knowing the entire letter.

To close his performance high for everything, the singer decided to do with the high tones of the song ‘Beautiful’ by Christina Aguilera, the who said: “it is the best voice in the world”.

After having revolutionized the social networks and have managed to sneak in on the trends of Twitter, many of her fans wonder if the artist will repeat this action soon, because some of them are thinking of more songs to be versioned.