Selena Gomez How I Wanted to write songs of Adele?


The singer Selena Gomez is back to the music, stronger than ever, after having been absent from the scenarios for reasons of health, the ex of Justin Bieber finally unveiled his new album “Rare”, after four years of not making a new production.

The former girl Disney surprised his millions of fans with his return and now is promoting her new record material that contains topics that are very powerful, as they speak of their life in the past.

During an interview the singer Selena Gomez was questioned about the possibility of doing a theme of any successful artist, the young he did not hesitate a moment in saying that he would have liked to create the song “Send my love” or the subject “Hello”, which have been major themes of the singer Adele.

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We recall that those issues are part of the album of Adele launched in the year 2015, and that managed to thrill the fans of the famous singer.

Despite the comment that made Selena Gomez on the songs of Adele, the ex Justin Bieber he confessed that for the moment is not in your plans to interpret subjects of the british singer.

Selena Gomez would like to write topics like Adele

“I will never touch a song of Adele in my life. Never try to sing, but I would say that I love those two songs. I would have liked to write something like that.” Commented the singer Selena Gomez.

During the interview Selena Gomez he commented that the creation of the album “Rare” it was something very difficult, as two years ago thought that the disk was already ready, but there were situations in his life that allowed him to focus on his new music.

Selena Gomez inspires fans with his music

Now, however, issues which includes the album “Rare” have been the favorite of the fans of Selena Gomez, who has gained again popularity back in the music.

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