Selena Gomez + King Krule + Dua Lipa and more


In the selection of music releases this Thursday, we have to Selena Gomez with the deluxe version of their latest album, King Krule with a live presentation fascinating, Dua Lipa filling the world of good music from his house, Hayley Williams with a beautiful dedication to your friend, Metalinguistics with his powerful new single Story and more. Let’s start!

1. Selena Gomez, Rare (Deluxe Edition)

Selena Gomez released his third studio album, Rarein the past month of January. But it was not until this Thursday when the singer released the deluxe version of their latest album, which includes 13 original songs with three new tracks: Boyfriend, She and Souvenir. The new topics are in the same line as the rest of the parts, an intimate look at the feelings, situations and thoughts of Gomez in the last year.

2. King Krule, Echoes with Jehnny Beth

Archy Ivan Marshall, better known as the poet punk King Krule, gave a presentation on the 28th of January for Echoes, a format of live shows made by a French canal which was submitted by Jehnny Beth of Savages. Krule interpreted themes of The OOZ as well as six songs from their third album, Man Alive!

3. Dua Lipa, Break My Heart

Serving their quarantine in London, Dua Lipa was recently in The Tonight Show: At Home Edition to interpret your theme Break My Heart from your home, aided by what appears to be a chroma key that was showing different images while she sang. in recent days, we have seen that Dua has been one of the celebrities most requested by television shows quarantine.

4. Yung Beef, Bad Freestyle

Yung surprised his fans this week with the premiere of this topic via Youtube, a song that returns to the trap in its most genuine expression, but with the power of a shock therapy. All Deez Ratchets On Me I Can’t Feel My Soul 5 (or V, as you like) will be the next installment of the legendary series of mixtapes of the artist in possibly including this topic.

5. mxmtoon, lessons

The singer originally from Brooklyn rises and calm, with rhythms pulsing and his voice is light with a lot of depth and detail to remind us with this issue that every day is a new opportunity to be better people and that learning is a lesson that we face on a daily basis.

6. Ezra Furman, To Them We’ll Always Be Freaks

Through Bandcamp (the platform manages a mode of payment so that you can download), Furman published a collection of 26 subjects that compiles, tests, demos, recordings of midnight on what constitutes a documentalización in audio format what was the process of creating this album. The proceeds generated from this album will be divided between the band and their team work.

7. Trippie Redd, Yell Oh feat. Young Thug

Directed by William Child and produced by Aidan Cullenthe vibrant video is inspired by nightmares that come from the abuse of substances. “The concept of this video is to illustrate the various nightmares that are derived from the illicit use of drugs,” reads the beginning of the video in which we see the rappers on the run, all of this to the extent that everything becomes more of a nightmare. It all culminates when the couple crashes their car against the mouth of a demon, but not before a scene post-credit in the that turn on a burner to find out where they are.

8. Charli XCX, Forever

The quarantine has been the perfect excuse for that Charli XCX devote himself full time to the composition of his new album how I’m feeling now, which we already have the first preview forever. The song was written by the own Charli in two days doing team with A. G. Cook and BJ Burton through the internet, while three are in confinement.

9. Hayley Williams, My Friend

Without a doubt one of the more personal issues that we have heard of Petals For Armorin this song Hayley expresses all his love and affection for your best friend. Like the other videos of his most recent album, the piece is made up of recordings and footage of the singer with his friends.

10. Metalinguistics, Story

Flaunting all of his power in the freestyle and in 4K technology, Goal tells her the story of his life in this new topic, with a sound much more pop and modern, but keeping the essence of his art, in what is one of the best tracks we have heard in this month.

After reading, what do you think?