Selena Gomez mad at fans by revealing a new version of his album “Rare”


The singer Selena Gomez made very excited its fans by sharing a new project through the social networks, as the famous revealed that very soon will launch a new version of their most recent album, “Rare”.

We recall that the album was launched on the 10th of January, and after its premiere has managed to become one of the favorites, even the songs that contains your record material has been very inspiring for her fans.

But now that several places have been affected by the epidemic of the coronavirus, the singer revealed that part of the proceeds will be donated to the fight against the disease Covid-19.

The beautiful singer shared the cover of the new deluxe version of his album “Rare” and revealed that it will be available on the 9th of April, so that your fans are very enthusiastic and excited about the grand launch of his album.

The singer Selena Gomez has had a great start to this 2020, because from that suffered by the relationship that is toxic that it had with Justin Bieber, was able to draw on their recent album, because it has become one of the most listened to.

The singer would have a new version of his album

“The deluxe version of Rare, with Boyfriend, She and Souvenir, is out on the 9th of April. You can preguardarlo now and get more information on how to donate to the Fund COVID-19 PLUS1 in my biography.” wrote the artist.

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Remember that Selena Gomez during a Instagram Live, he confessed to Miley Cyrus that suffer from bipolar disorder, as the famous wanted to break the silence and confess their fans some situations in your private life, leaving amazed the users by their revelations.

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