Selena Gomez reveals why she endured so much Justin Bieber


Selena Gomez has stated on multiple occasions that he wants to leave the chapter of Justin Bieber in the pasthowever, everything seems to indicate the contrary, since the interpreter ‘Lose you to love me’ offered an interview for the critically acclaimed musical ‘Genius’ where spoke again of his former relationship with the canadian, justifying the psychological abuse on the part of the interpreter.

During its passage to the average american Gomez spoke about the meaning of his most recent musical production, ‘Rare’, which has a great message about love and overcoming, which is why Justin to the conversation, and although it did not mention his name as such, the followers of the ex-star of Disney have not failed to relate their statements with the husband of Hailey Baldwinas previously confessed that ‘Lose you to love me’ the wrote thinking about his old love.

And that is, was just talking about the emotional abuse within a relationship when Selena Gomez stated the following: “I’ve heard and experienced; I believe that men and women do it, especially teenagers and young lovers, because you know that they care. I have had someone really told me that before” said the interpreter not to mention name any.

The discomfort of the fans of Selena after defending Justin

When these statements turned to the internet, the followers of Gomez did not hesitate to show his discomfort with the comments of the actress, as it did nothing more than justify the psychological abuse and emotional that suffered over 10 years of romance with the canadian, thus giving an erroneous message about romantic relationships, since only hinted that his former partner was being poisoned because he ‘really wanted it’. Could it be that some day the drama between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez can come to an end?

So far, Justin Bieber has not given any statement to the comments of the singer, however, a few weeks ago showed repentance for having damaged to Selena during their relationship.