Serena Williams and Venus reveal that his father still supervises his game


The family is the most important in the life of a person. This is true even when you’re a tennis player at the highest level. Venus and Serena Williams had a lot to say about his family, more specifically, his father during his conversation with Naomi Campbell.

Take a look. Venus and Serena Williams on her dad Venus and Serena were talking about their training with Naomi when she asked about his father. She asked if her father still came to watch them train.

“Yes, he still comes to see us train and that is the best time because we can pass the time”, answered Serena. “Now, the training has become less, but that is what I want to do, go out with my dad”

As to any other person, Venus and Serena love to spend time with his father. Venus also expressed his desire to spend more time with him, now that it is aging. Richard Williams is approaching 80 now, so they want to spend as much time as possible in your company.

Certainly will get his wish, now more than ever, the WTA Tour has been discontinued , to the disappointment of die-hard tennis fans. The fans probably are wondering when will the Tour.

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to this question. The suspension has been extended not once, but twice, because the situation with the coronavirus is not improving. If we do not see a positive change in the near future, it is likely that you do not see any tennis in 2020.

With luck, that will not be the case. Venus and Serena Williams certainly don’t want that to happen. Want to win at least one last Grand Slam before retiring from the sport. When you return to the Tour, I am sure that they will win and celebrate with your dear father.