Serena Williams dances with his daughter as if no one were looking


There is nothing more adorable than seeing Serena Williams and her daughter Olympia interacting between them. The daughter of Serena is finally at that stage in which he has begun to understand the things that surround it. By an accident of nature, Serena spends a lot more time with the Olympia in these crucial years of your life for what really would have if the tennis season is at its peak.

Quarantine coronavirus has ensured that all spend time with your family. While it is sad for us that we may not see Serena in action, it seems that Olympia could not have asked for anything better. In a video that appeared online, we can see the cute duo mother-daughter fun together.

Let’s look at what they are doing.

What are you doing, Serena Williams and Olympia together? Serena Williams and Olympia events are very frequent in social networks these days.

However, his recent activities are a gold mine for the fans. Serena and Olympia were seen dancing as if no one were watching a happy song. Although the dance style of Olympia was as simple as running wildly, Serena showed some movements quite attractive.

However, at the end of the video, it seemed that Serena began to follow her daughter in the wild race. Serena Williams had previously confirmed that it was not the best person to isolate it. As a workaholic, you need to play tennis regularly in order to feel a little alive.

Therefore, although the first few days were tolerable for her, it soon went downhill when he began to experience episodes of anxiety. However, his relationship with his daughter is very beautiful, and surely would motivate them to move forward.

As we all know, she did not miss a beat once you return. Serena Williams has shown more than once that it’s not going anywhere in the next few years.