Serena Williams reveals how do you manage your personal life and the sport


The former world number 1, Serena Williams, has been extremely successful in your quest to achieve a perfect balance between sports, business and personal life. The 23-times winner of the Grand Slam has been well kept, in good shape to be competitive in the tour of tennis.

In addition, he has also carried out a follow-up of all business activities. However, do not let your professional life disturb personal life. How did Williams find the perfect combination of her professional and personal life? “I just need to turn off my brain” – Serena Williams Williams has been trained to concentrate when you are working, that much is clear with their achievements.

However, she also focuses on when to “not working” When she is not working, either for their business or if it is tennis, it’s off. “Something that I do every day is to completely turn off my brain, which sounds strange, but because I work a lot between the tennis and running my other properties: Serena Ventures and Serena Clothing.

But it is a lot, so I only need to turn off my brain and not think about anything, ” Williams said on CNBC Make It. The woman 38-year-old focuses on making things that keep it on the ground. She knows that there is life outside of the tennis court and the center of attention.

This also helps to keep your family together. “It really helps me to concentrate on the Olympia and focus on the moment and not think about anything else” , he added. “And by the way what do I do with it because I know that I just need to unwind”

Serena is extremely committed to the time you spend on the job. However, she is equally committed to the time you spend resting and recovering. Therefore, Williams focuses on both their physical stability and mental.

Not only is resting your body, you are also resting your mind. Certainly, it is the only way in which anyone can perform at the top level as consistently and under so much scrutiny. Without a doubt, we should draw on the legend to find the right balance in our lives.