Simple makeup to go to class as Millie Bobby Brown


What’s better than a face wearing make-up? A face made-up, but it doesn’t appear that it is, you seem all natural beauty!

Millie Bobby Brown is very conscious of this maxim, and the best thing is that he has not hesitated to share their tricks for that you also get to always be as divine as it:

And how has this done, Millie Bobby Brown? Since through a video that is more clear than water, check it out, and now we discussed all the steps that she teaches you:

Okay, she uses products from a cosmetic brand in particular, but you can get the same results with similar products of any brand. What is it that you have to take into account? These steps!

1.- Skin:

Skin-perfecting will be your great goal in this makeup, yes, no make-up covering. It is better that you use one of light texture, low coverage and more fluid. Yes, if you have a lot of granite, on these points, please do not hesitate to give you a little bit of concealer before. So they will disappear perfectly!

2.- Dark circles:

The week we leave to go to class, and during the weekend appear for the party, so we are! The case is that the purple circle around the eye that makes us looks like a panda bear does not go away by magic, so there’s that camuflarlo! It is best to use a concealer, high coverage, in this area and others that have imperfections. Millie is also in the nose. Eye, be careful when choosing the shade of this, if your eyes is purple, pulled by a tone more orange, and if it is more red, one more green. The case is always to neutralize your natural color of eyes.

3.- Eyebrows:

Though sometimes not given much attention, the eyebrows are one of the most important parts of the face, and depend on that a makeup is avarage and outstanding! Although now many celebrities resort to the technique of microblading, you can actually simulate it with a good product to fill in, as does Millie. Do not forget to enlarge up to where just your eye, as a brow short will cause your look to lose strength. And, as in the previous point, care to correct your eyebrows with the right color. If you are pulling a blonde, a mole; and if you’re more brunette, a shade more brown. But never use a black. I will look very hard!

4.- Lips and cheeks:

To go to a class, there are only two small touch more: a lipstick and a nice blush. The blush, apply it above the cheek bone, pulling up to the temple and insisting that subsequently in the area of the cheekbone for it to be well marked. And for the lips, choose a gloss natural provides you hydration and make you feel comfortable all the day to the time that pretty. I tuck it in the backpack for use whenever needed! šŸ˜‰