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The ability to generate headlines, memes, and trending topics Mariah Carey is almost to the height of its solvency as a machine of success during the decade of the nineties and the two thousand and, since then, has been surpassed in recent years. The singer, who has sold more than 200 million albums around the world (it is one of the soloists most successful in history) and has five Grammy awards (in addition, of 34 nominations), is maintained in the gap with their concerts, the validity of their past successes (All I want for christmas is you it is a true contemporary classic that is back to do it every christmas) and giving away always a few headlines unpredictable, something that the world appreciates really.

Your verbiage mayhem and his antics –such as picking a prize piripi or do playback without any intention to play it cool after an alleged technical error– are you a piece of candy for the press, and the most innocuous of entertainment for an audience eager to discover the stars, in the depths of his being, is expressed as the common of mortals. But Mariah is the opposite of a mortal: in addition to a woman loquacious, is a cultural institution in the united States with a record of 18 number one (only surpassed by the Beatles).

Today one of the great stars of the song is 50 years old and at ICON, we wanted to homenajearla to collect his best phrases, a score of sentences that only she could make.

“I don’t know”. The phrase, simple and devastating, the released Carey in 2001 in the musical program German Taff when asked what he thought of Jennifer Lopez and stayed for the annals as a symbol of the rivalry between divas of pop. Today the phrase has even t-shirts.

– “It’s that I don’t know!”. Repetition of the phrase, 15 years later, in the program of Andy Cohen when the presenter gets him back to ask if you are aware of Jennifer Lopez. When Cohen explains that Jennifer Lopez has declared that, yes, known, Mariah responds ethereal: “Apparently I am very forgetful”.

– “Don’t know”. Your response on the same program earlier when Cohen reads the high a tweet critical towards it of the young singer Demi Lovato.

– “Who?”. Your response, very much in the line of the above, when a host of the show Breakfast Club asks, in 2014, by rapper Nick Minaj. In this case, yes the boy knew: the two had been on the jury of the talent show American Idol the previous year, and had been fatal.

– “The truth is that I haven’t paid attention to Madonna since I was in primary school, when she was used to be popular”. The response during a press conference at the beginning of the nineties when asked by the singer.

– “I bathe in cold milk. I sometimes use milk as a beauty treatment, but do not want to reveal all my secrets.” (Statement to The Guardian in 2018).

– “Every day is a vacation with me“. (Statement to the magazine Glamour in 2015).

I’m a little, a little… (someone in the audience shouts: ’hey, Drunk!’) … Yes!”. (Statement when picking up the award for best actress for her role in Precious in the International Film Festival of Palm Springs in 2010).

– “I don’t compare with Whitney Houstonthere are people a thousand times worse with which I can compare”. (Statement in the program of Lorraine Kelly and Richard Keys 1990).

– “Do a duet with Jennifer Lopez? Before I prefer to be on stage with a pig”. (Statement to Inside Hollywood in 2008).

– “Sometimes I feel like an atm with a wig making”. (Statement by presenter Reggie Yates at BBC Radio 1 in 2007).

– “Everyone I know has an entourage, including the people of my entourage and my dogs”. (Statement to the morning program british Good Morning Britain presented by Kate Garraway in 2009).

– “It is clear that Einstein and I have much in common”.

– “I’m not good picking me hair in a bunbut if I have to do it with everything I propose”. (Statement to the magazine Glamour in 2015).

– “I think that I am a good person. I am a real person and a lot of people it is not.” (Statement to The Los Angeles Times 1993).

– “It is not easy for all to come to give his opinion and criticize every thing that I do. Sometimes I help and sometimes it hurts me as a person. So is the life. I have feelings”. (Statement to The Los Angeles Times 1993).

– “I am the queen of the festivities, that’s all I can say“. (Statement to Buzzfeed in 2015).

– “I’m tired of pretending to be perfect because I’m never going to meet the expectations of all the world.” (Statement to Variety in 2019).

– “It is necessary that women understand that it is okay not to always be the person most sympathetic of the room“. (Statement to Variety in 2019).

– “I don’t usually go to big chains [refiriéndose a Starbucks] where I have to wait in the queuebecause I am bound to be there and say ‘Hello’, while people look at me and analyze what I’m going to buy. For this reason, I would normally do for someone to bring me what I want to take”. (Statement to Buzzfeed in 2015).

– “If you make each and every thing that the people say of me, could not live in peace or be me, so I prefer to do only certain things.” (Statement to The Guardian in 2018).

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