Sum Quibi 2.7 million subscribers


United States.- Can you tell what is essential to each episode of a blockbuster in just 10 minutes? The creators of Quibi (the exCEO of Hewlett-Packard, Meg Whitman, and the exempleado of DreamWorks, Jeffrey Katzenberg), are betting on it.

And the numbers seem to give the reason: more than 2.7 million subscribed users, according to data from CNET, the web, multimedia american who specializes in technology news and consumer electronics.

This is the bet of Quibi (from the English “Quick” and “Bite”, bite fast). A silver – form that offers content that is of short duration which is suitable for both the horizontal view and vertical, ideal for mobile phones.

Something amazing in Quibi is how it has been your launch. While it is expected in the united States, their passage to the global market was given without prior notice.

Suddenly and almost without notice, Quibi was available between the mobile applications of various countries. What are the main features? The videos have a duration between 8 and 10 minutes and, despite the fact that many have continuity, rather than as a series, its creators refer to these as “movies by chapters” or “quibis” .

And is that in the beginning it was promoted as a tool to watch content while travelling on public transport, for example, and hence the duration, but the launch was accelerated, in spite of the quarantine by the coronavirus, to which the public exploited “dead time” that you may have in your home.

Thus, the platform is considered to be a mixture between Tiktok and Netflix for many users, and there are different opinions on if you are looking to compete with HBO, Netflix or Amazon prime… or with Youtube, Facebook Watch Instagram TV. Quibi offers content as diverse as news and documentaries for the NBC or BBC; series and films of all kinds, some with about 10 or 12 episodes in total and they are quite the stars that appear in the project.

Thus, one can be found with stories that feature actors like Liam Hemsworth, or Sophie Turner; documentaries with Lebron James; programs with Chrissy Teigen, Queen Latifah or Jennifer Lopez, or even a production of Sam Raimi. To them belong some of the most popular content in these weeks following the launch of Quibi.

For example, the thriller “Most Dangerous Game”, starring Hemsworth; the comedy “Flipped”; the film “Survive” (with Sophie Turner); the program of practical jokes “Punkd”. (EFE)