The actress responds to criticism for his photo in bikini

The actress Kate Beckinsale has had to respond to the comments of some users who have asked for to share with your followers photos in bikini while I enjoyed a few rest days in Cabo San Diego. Though the story goes beyond that and is that have criticized the protagonist of Underworld for show your body on the beach its 46 years.

“A midlife crisis”, commented one user in the account of Kate Beckinsale. In spite of wanting to do harm with these comments, the actress has reacted by answering: “do You realize that when you feel the need to accuse someone of something, especially when you do not know that person, or when you’re sure that someone has an intention without knowing it, the only thing you do is to reveal something of yourself or something that gives you fear?“. So I shared this reflection with the follower who criticised her age and the respective photographs in a bikini.

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“I don’t know you and I don’t know what has made you think that when you’re older because you’re not worth and that you can’t be attractive or sexy, or have a relationship with your body that is not hatred for yourself, but from one woman to another, I would tell you to not let yourself be convinced by all that noise”, he kept saying Kate Beckinsale. Neither short nor lazy, the actress took her time to give a lesson in morality in the network. “If you leave this behind you will feel more powerful and you might even flourish physically, know who you are and what you want and setting boundaries is good for us“he expressed.

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The actress is not a usual respond to criticism, but on this occasion wanted to show their point of view to stop the hatred that is born on the internet. “If you’re young and you’re afraid to make yourself greater, not what you have. Because it is not as society tells us to be afraid, especially to women. You will feel much more powerful and you will be able to do many more things”, she encouraged Beckinsale.

“The people or the media that will strike fear, telling you that you only have value during youth, or that require things that you can’t do, everything is noise, and I hope they ignore it. And if you’re older, you let the fear do not limit,” he continued saying to the interpreter. And to finish with his speech because of the attacks received, he concluded: “I can’t imagine how unhappy you must feel to write these things. People passes by a situation very hard, but they pretend that all is well. I send all the love and I hope you receive this message with the purpose for which I sent him, because I know you have more things that give me that hateful comments that tell more about you that on the people that comentáis”. All a statement of intentions of Kate Beckinsale, that’s not going to let it go beyond certain limits in his life.

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