The bed of Drake for the same price as a Bentley new

*This article on the bed of Drake it was originally released in the australian GQ.

For many, these weeks are spending a lot of time in our apartment or our house, trying desperately to maintain a healthy relationship with those roommates whose breathing rate erratic’t bother us so much.

But, for the most famous, the boredom is easy to avoid thanks to their mansions in constant expansion where there is everything: swimming pool, cinema, private landing strip of helicopters (this goes for you, Travolta), and recreation rooms. And, in regards to the rapper, his mansion has an object of desire: the bed Drake has a mattress from a company that puts your bed more luxurious in the world.”

Drake has not been very idle during these weeks, but is using this opportunity to bring out catchy music that becomes instant hit in TikTok. And, although the rules continue by providing that spend time at home, the videos that Drake has pulled out (as the Toosie Slide) have been filmed, in consequence, in his own mansion, giving fans a rare glimpse of the inside of your abode.

Architectural Digest did recently a topic on the home of Toronto’s rapper, which measures 465 square meters, and has luxurious facilities a basketball court inside according to the regulation of the NBA and crowned by a skylight pyramid of 2 meters square, the interior is limestone, bronze, exotic woods and other materials noticeable, and a closet that has virtually any shoe longed-for that you can think of. And, although it seems easy to ignore individuals like sofas that we choose or mattresses, even the bed of Drake is a key element.

The mattress is designed by the manufacturer of luxury beds Swedish Hästens, which has been known as “the bed more luxurious in the world”, with mattresses that cost a minimum of $ 200,000. And it is believed that the mattress of the bed of Drake is worth double, amounting to a total of $ 400,000 due to a collaboration with designer Ferris Rafauli.

If you’re wondering what can make a mattress so special (and expensive), you’re not the only one. But, as we read through the specifications of the mattress, we will be adding things. To begin with, the mattress Rafauli x Hästens is hand made with wool, cotton and horse hair. All of this quality, we say. After, holding onto a solid base of nubuck coated with a pattern of chess engraving, and very detailed brass gold it turns out that it weighs approximately one ton and takes about 600 hours of work, minute up, minute down.

Even Drake gives the seal of approval, saying, “the bed makes you float”. And, considering that it comes with a service premium of 25 years for a part of the team Hästens, which gives back to the mattress and massaged free of charge, it seems that this mattress has ascended item of bedroom to investment.

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