The best comedies to watch on Netflix (all together) in order not to lose time in looking for them


27 April, 2020 11:13

Relax in this quarantine extended, Netflix provides us with the best comedy shows international that we will spend a good time.

The best comedies to watch on Netflix (all together) in order not to lose time in looking for them
The best comedies to watch on Netflix (all together) in order not to lose time in looking for them

When we’re already saturated of series endless, or dramas, intense, a good comedy, we changes the mood of the quarantine. With pochoclos home, there is nothing more relaxing than to sit in the chair to enjoy these movies light and fun that it offers Netflix.

To feel accompanied even in the solitude of your home, a good comedy, makes all the difference. That’s why we select the seven best of the billboard current Netflix, so that you know what you can see when you need to forget about everything.

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Mystery on board

Another successful couple com protagonist, which ensures a good time in front of the tv: Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. Nypd cop takes his wife to a highly anticipated trip, which is complicated when Luke Evans invites you to a yacht where there is a murder. Suspense and mystery in this film Netflix, but loaded with fun.

Eight surnames basques

The Spanish film highest grossing, it is a portrait of the rivalries between basque and andalusian, with a love story intermixed. Like Romeo and Juliet, but in a humorous, Karra Elejalde and Carmen Machi, the protagonists, make us desternillar of laughter.

With a screenplay by Borja Cobeaga and Diego San Jose, and directed by Emilio Martínez-Lázaro, “Eight surnames basques” came to the ten million viewers and close to 60 million euros raised. There is only that sharpen the ear to understand some accents closed, but it is worth it.

The good side of things

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper are already hook enough to ensure a good time. But when they tell a beautiful story, and fun, is better. The love between two people with difficulties, which emerged when no one expected it. With Robert de Niro as the father of the protagonist and Jacki Weaver as the mother, Pat must return to the family home after an inpatient psychiatric for beating the lover of his wife.

The feast of the sausage

A film of drawings for adults, with scenes of strong black humour and sex. The protagonists are the food of a supermarket who worship the buyers, which give them the possibility of traveling to the “beyond”. A sausage in love with a bun for hot dogs believes that ultimately he will live happily with his girlfriend when he is chosen by a buyer, but a jar of honey mustard, which has been returned or knew what it means to be sold, tell them your experience.

The disaster artist

Nominated for the Oscar as best screenplay-adapted, this comedy about two misfits who make their own movie. Account how a european immigrant in the usa. UU. coax your best friend to shoot “The Room”, which is considered one of the worst films in history.
James Franco, Tommy Wiseau, and Seth Rogen star in this dramatic comedy that poses the ambitions of a dreamer without scruples.

The call

In a christian camp, two teenagers crazy for reggaeton and electro latino change their lives after a strange aparicione. One of the girls has a mystical vision of God through the songs of Whitney Houston that changes their lives and the lives of those around them.
humor, fun and good music make this film and an excellent divertissement, dialogue sparkling and fun.Macarena Garcia, Anna Castillo and Belén Cuesta

Game night

Netflix reflota this movie that was not so much spreading when it was released, but promises a good time of fun. A group of friends who meet to play every week, they face a greater challenge that puts their lives in danger. Rachel McAdams and Jason Bateman make a delicious duo for this typical film of black humor.

Source: Ten Minutes

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