The betrayal of Robert Downey Jr. to Terrence Howard took it out of the MCU


Without a doubt, the old grudges of Hollywood are hard to forget, especially when a role of a great franchise gets in the friendship of two members of this wild community. This happened with Terrence Howard and Robert Downey Jr., who starred in the first installment of what would subsequently be known as the Movie Universe of Marvel. This film revived the genre of superheroes and was instrumental in the study chose to continue with more adaptations of comic books. However, it seems that the success of the film brought out the worst side of the interpreter of Tony Stark, who according to his co-star, came to stay with their profits and cause his exit from the series.

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In Iron Man – The Iron Man – 93%, Howard played colonel James Rhodes/War Machine. At that time the race of the actor was at its height, due to which he had just received a nomination for the Academy Award for his brilliant work in the drama hip-hop Hustle & Flow. Get one of the crucial roles in the first film from Marvel Studios was no problem for this performer, who was also behind the recruitment of Robert Downey Jr.

The film was a huge global success, so quickly the study began to work on the sequel. However, it was fairly well known that in Iron Man 2 – 72% the role of colonel Rhodes passed into the hands of Don Cheadle. This important change of cast was an explanation that the public was not expected: Howard he had not abandoned the franchise for a taste. In 2013, during an interview for Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohenthe actor revealed that his exit from the Movie Universe Marvel had behind it a painful betrayal of someone before you do Iron Man it was his friend (via The Guardian):

It turns out that the person that I helped became Iron Man, when the time came […] back for the second [filme]took the money that was supposed to me and cast me out.

According to that statement Howardthe fame that flooded the main character of Doctor Dolittle gave the sufficient power to decide how they would spread the gains of the third film of the MCU. He went on to explain that when the producers of Marvel Studios approached, it was to tell him that his salary would be quite low, since they were confident that the star of the show was Downey Jr. and gave the same if I went back to play War Machine or not. Although he attempted to clarify the situation with the interpreter of Tony Stark, says that has not received a response from your supposed friend up to three months after:

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I was approached for the second [filme] and I said, ‘Look, we will pay you one-eighth of what we contractually had for you, because we believe that the second will succeed with you or without you’. And I called my friend, who I helped get the first job, and he not called me back in three months.

It has been 11 years of The Iron Man and definitely only the fans most ancient of the Movie Universe of Marvel maintain some kind of nostalgia for the War Machine that Howard interpreted. However, that statement by the actor isn’t in question even where it was able to Robert Downey Jr. get to be the focus of attention of the franchise. Now he is the one that is quoted in millions of dollars, a price that apparently the production team of Kevin Present already is not interested in pay, given that the new phases of the MCU will present new superheroes.

The next film from Marvel Studios will start to the long awaited Phase 4. Black Widow delayed its release, but all the while with the COVID-19 progress favorably, is expected to hit movie theatres everywhere on November 6 of this year.

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