The end of the mystery! Apparently Alejandro Sanz enjoys his days of isolation… With good company!


There are many celebrities who have decided to share through their social networks, the day-to-day activities, as in this case Alejandro Sanz.

The singer acknowledged, is in its house of Madrid, in compliance with the mandatory quarantine established as a preventive measure by that country.

Making the most of your free time, the Spanish he wanted to entertain their fans with live broadcasts in which we could delight with his music.

The artist for 51 years has shown its great ability in solidarity to collaborate with the cause of the coronavirus, which amounted to a benefit concert “LaLiga Santander Fest”, in which he participated together with many figures of the show.

A lot we think we know of the winner of 4 Grammys, american, although her private life has been a mystery for a long time, that apparently we have managed to unveil.

The one who betrayed him was his girlfriend Rachel Valdés because in your profile, uploaded a photograph in which the far could realize a pair of hands holding a mobile phone.

Quickly, the followers of Alejandro Sanz managed to identify it, by a detail very particular as to the tattoos, something very distinctive of it, probably there is no other option to the lovebirds… let Whitening once!