The fight between James Charles and Tati Westbrook was the most viewed video of 2019 on YouTube


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Credit; Getty Images

Let us accept it, we all become obsessed at some point or another with the fight between James Charles and Tati Westbrook. ALL, including those who know nothing of makeup and will not import unless the life of the Beauty Vloggers. It got to the point that his video of the fight was the most viewed on YouTube this 2019.

Let’s go over the gossip…

It all started with a video that went up mekup artist and YouTuber Tati Westbrook. In the video, I talked about why I was going to break his relationship with his child star and also Beauty Vlogger, James Charles. The Internet exploded with all the revelations and the details that he gave Tati, but that’s not finished. Because Charles also put up your own video explaining everything and even showing the screenshots to disprove the allegations.

Needless to say, there many other personalities, such as Jeffree Star and Nikkita Dragun, started uploading his version of the facts and everything became a chaos. So much so that it was ultra difficult to understand the gossip, to figure out how they passed things and to know who was right (here we leave all that we know).


Shortly after Tati deleted the videos and said that he wanted to leave it alone and devote herself to continue making videos of reviews and tutorials. Then we will never know how many views had the video. What we do know is that the answer of Charles had 48 million in 6 months. Although also worth noting that Tati won millions of followers as Charles the lost. Just like today in day they continue to out videos alternative that discusses the controversy.

In summary. Are we surprised? Not, so great was the controversy that until we hartamos to listen. It was the only thing that was talked about for months. What we will remember in the future? Without a doubt, not only for being one of the fights most media of 2019, also because it opened a space of dialogue within the LGBT+ and the beauty industry.