The great opportunity of Greta Thunberg and all


In December of last year, was born in Wuhan, China, the Coronavirusthe virus that most impact is making all of humanity in recent history. The disease was spreading throughout the world and, today, become a pandemic, the COVID-19 it affects more than a million people and has killed more than 53,000 human beings.

Among the possible infected was Greta Thunberg, the activist climate more recognized at the global level that had to do quarantine when you feel some symptoms and move the demonstrations against climate change (#Fridaysforfuture) to the plane (virtual#climatestrikeonline) given the world situation.

Beyond this, the virus is changing our society and is an opportunity to Thunberg.

It affects everyone and everything

The coronavirus does not distinguish color of skin, or nationality or social class or economic power. The English prime minister, Boris Johnson, one of the politicians with more power at the global level, was contagious coronavirus; the recognized Hollywood actor, Tom Hanks, is another that is also affected by the disease. But also what are more than 16,000 healthcare Spain, many with less wages to 2000€ monthly, and many other low-income people in Brazil or any other country on the globe.

The COVID-19 does not distinguish nor what aspects to attack our lives. While their direct effect is the health, the health of all, their secondary consequences are cross-cutting and affect us in the economy, in the social, political, it affects us in all. On the economic front, it is clear that their effects are already wreaking havoc in many countries. In two weeks in the united States lost 10 million jobs and in Spain lost from sanctioned the state of alarm With 900,000 jobs, and the unemployment rate amounted to the staggering figure of 3.5 million people.

On the other hand, in social requires us to be in confinement without being able to conduct our activities normally, without being able to contact us with our friends and loved ones, without being able to go to the gym, to the cinema. In what labour is showing also that the desire of millions of working from home is possible in many cases. And so on. The coronavirus is effecting us all inevitably.

The positive side

It is always good to look at the positive side of things. And this situation that we live by the pandemic Coronavirus also has it. Something real that is showing us the coronavirus is that when we are faced with situations, limits human beings we can come together with a purpose in common. While there are political and economic differences of how to do it according to what country or region let’s talkwe all know that there is that to defeat the disease.

This allowed to give rise to solidarity in different ways. In Spain, for example, the citizens come out to applaud all the days to the 20 hours to the health that they are doing an impressive job.

In addition to breathes in the citizens of concord and union, to defeat the enemy only. This solidarity is also reflected from the companies and great personalities who made donations of money, food, services or materials required. For example, Andrés Iniesta donated 20 beds to health; the company Telepizza is a pizza delivery person, free of charge to health; BBVA donated a million on masks, and several more actions.

Another point to note is that the economic downturn and our lives to the cause of the COVID-19 is having a positive impact on the environment. During the last few months due to the confinement, the reduction of the rate of production and our mobility is an observed improvement in some indicators that allow you looking with regard to the fight against climate change.

For example, in the large cities was greatly reduced pollution and the air is more pure. Today you can breathe better. Also, the water of many coastal areas is showing better colors and more crystalline.

The opportunity of Greta

Thunberg it is without doubt the activist climate with more impact in recent times. His voice came to great power spheres and all over the world. Demonstrations by the climate (Global Climate Strike) Fridays (Fridays For Future) are carried out in cities of all continents. The message she, and the thousands of young people that the support is clear: you have to do something soon to save the planet from climate change.

As we mentioned in the previous section, the coronavirus is generating a positive impact on the environment. This represents a great opportunity for Greta Thunberg and his followers to demonstrate that if changes are made, perhaps not as substantial as we believe, in our economic and social model we can obtain good results. If we place, nature responds.

Imagine the amount of emissions than it would save at a global level if millions of workers made home office as it is now and not have to take a car or public transportation to get to their jobs.

Imagine a world where local production, nearby has more relevance to the global (today, we see the disadvantages that this generates). Imagine a world in solidarity, where you prioritize the causes the community to the individual.

As we see, the pandemic coronavirus is showing many sides negative but others positive. If we really believe that this is a turning point and will change us all in some way or the other, chances are by giving you a chance to Greta Thunberg we will ensure at least a future with better air to breathe, and that is no small thing.

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