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How can someone believe that Six to Nine escapes from prison thanks to a youtuber?
How can someone believe that Six to Nine escapes from prison thanks to a youtuber?

Today we received the news that the rapper Six Nine is free. Click here to know all the details or watch the following video:

For a long time it was a rumor. Like the news that 6ix9ine had died.And so he could throw us for hours of paragraphs, and paragraphs. The amount of news about Six to Nine is impressive. Unfortunately, too many are false.

✅ Tekashi 6ix9ine will go free on August 2, 2020

Without a doubt, the idea that the rapper Six Nine can star in a flight of the jail is one of the owners more juicy (and unimaginable) that might give us today the industry of rap. The news, is false of all falsehood, has circulated on social networks in recent days because of a video posted…just one year ago! Why does the alleged flight of the jail of Tekashi is back in the news today? As you have explained in this news, 69 will only be free on August 2, 2020.

⭐ The false escape from prison Tekashi 6ix9ine

Let’s be honest: it produces a bit of a shame others have to clarify that Six to Nine is not has escaped from prison. Have happened, the news would surely be opening up the news from all over the world. As we discussed in Postposmo the occasion of the day of the reading of the sentence Six Nine, what is more likely is that Tekashi Six Nine stay free this summer of 2020 (in July or August if you are granted the privileges of prison for good behavior).

How can someone believe that Six to Nine escapes from prison thanks to a youtuber?
How can someone believe that Six to Nine escapes from prison thanks to a youtuber?

Taking into account that a Six Nine would be left with few months of life as a prisoner (and that I was faced with a petition of almost 40 years), who in their right mind would try to escape from prison? No one, right? As these screenshots from Twitter show the opposite. A lot of attention to the date of the tweets:

⛔ Why people think that Tekashi is free and has escaped from prison?

The explanation of this problem lies in a video published for twelve messes on Youtube. A video that, by itself, explains a good part of the problems that our world today is suffering on the part of the fake news. The video, posted by the account of Michael luzzi’s tango orchestra, shows as this youtuber would have picked up in their car to a person who is supposedly the rapper Six Nine, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez. Despite the fact that the video is false, to say enough is enough, it takes more than two million views and over 50,000 facebook likes (and 22,000 dislikes).

Needless to say that the course Tekashi 6ix9ine never seen the face in this video that’s so stupid, it is so funny. If one takes a look at the section of coomentarios, the horror takes on new dimensions. Some users claim that it is a video false ¡¡¡don’T TELL ME!!!) and others go so far as to put in doubt that it is an actual video. Cunning sagacity of these last users.

?Six Nine is free: the mocking of the false news of Tekashi Six Nine

That does not, of truth. We promise: Six Nine is free is a lie as a cathedral. The fake news about 69 traded to the upside. In Postposmo what we have experienced first-hand through our Youtube channel. In several of our videos on the news of Six to Nine, some users have come to cast doubt on information published by the New York Times.

The most obvious example of this disinformation is continuous around the life of rapper Six Nine gave the past month of December with a reading of your final judgment for the part of the judge Paul Engelmayer. After confirmed that the rapper was sentenced to a total of 24 months of imprisonment, many tweeters (and youtubers toxic were descolocados). Does the explanation? For months, many, many, many Youtube channels ensured that Six to Nine would be free on the same day of December in the was read his sentence. When they discovered that it was not so, changed the titles of his previous videos.

But the damage was already done.

The picture acquired paints surreal when some users commented on our own videos on Youtube channel Postposmo ensuring that mentíamos: that Tekashi Six Nine was already free.

What does the future hold for Six to Nine outside of the prison?

The latest news from Six to Nine are very interesting. As we read in the average american TMZnone of the bodyguards who previously worked with Daniel Hernandez want to know anything about return to work for the rapper once recover its status of freedom. The risk is such that it compensates.

To Tekashi, in addition, was denied recently, the request to terminate of spend the rest of his sentence at home. The judge has shown to be flexible, but not both.

The latest news from 69 to indicate that you expect a life very far away from New York and foci. While Hernandez might try to restart his artistic career, it seems almost impossible that we see him rapping again on a stage. The risk of being killed is too high. The band of the Nine Trey Blood does not seem ready to forgive the extensive collaboration that Six Nine provided to the FBI in the investigation against them.

Six Nine will be free very soon and in Postposmo we will keep you informed of all the news. But not the rumors.