The “oh, terrible!” photo by Hailey Baldwin (Justin Bieber) in a bikini


September 10, 2019
(14:20 CET)

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are still as in love as from the first day. In fact, a publication of the canadian singer in the last few days praising the beauty of his wife is a very good example of this.

A publication that, yes, it has brought queue. And is that in the picture we see Hailey without makeup and a few emoticons Bieber by demonstrating the love that is of the american.

Something that, according to some of his followers, is not necessary. There were many comments that criticized the gesture of Justin even the singer decided to respond in a forceful manner.

“Honor your wife publicly is really a thing respectful and amazing, not only is this reassuring for her, but it is also a way of giving people something to look forward to. I’m not forcing anyone, you follow me… This is my life. Stops to follow me if you don’t like what they publish”, he said to one of his critics.

The photo of Hailey Baldwin

The case is that this is a polemic more to plunge to the long list that accumulate Justin and Hailey. And that is that there are those who do not is shown very favorable to the model. So much so that even her haters will flock to the network in search of photos in which it appears slightly favored.


And one of them is circulating the forums in the last few days. A photo is “terrible” according to many in which we can see Hailey in a bikini, and that has led to comments such as “Is too thin”, “It is not a good example”, “For a lot of that is the model of that figure is not exactly an ideal figure”, “Eat something please” or “As much as I say that it has a ‘tipazo’, it seems to me that you are missing a few pounds”.

Since then Hailey has already been able to check since the first day that you knew that it was the new pair of Justin’s reviews are something very usual. Whatever the cause and whatever you do.