The salmantino Real Madrid, Bruno Churches, becomes the youngest member of the movement, a charity that donates part of the salary of the players to humanitarian causes


Bruno Iglesias is one of the great hopes of the football salmantino and la cantera of Real Madrid. El charro, in category of Youth that has already been international sub17 with Spain, has shown that not only is a good footballer on the pitch, but also possesses a great spirit of solidarity.

And it is that Churches have been united to the Common Goal, the movement benefit created by Juan Mata that donates a portion of the wages of the players (the 1%) to humanitarian causes. According to reports Brandthe binder is also the first Real Madrid player to be a part of such a response fund that is focusing its current efforts in all the crisis caused by the coronavirus among the most disadvantaged young people.

“This is a great opportunity for me,” commented the squad of Real Madrid on his gesture in the sports paper, remembering that the players have “many facilities” but that’s not why you should stop thinking “in all that is not material, and more to my age; we must worry about what is really important, and to have empathy with all others. For me it is something that is closely linked to education”.

The binder Bruno Churches joins the Common Goal three years after its creation. There are currently 150 players and coaches from over 35 countries that have joined: from Juan Mata to Megan Rapinoe passing by Jürgen Klopp, Chiellini, hummels, Kagawa or Alex Morgan. There is also a player of Unionists of Salamanca: Cristian Portilla.