The sister of Cara Delevingne is in Buenos Aires: we tell You why


Poppy Angela Delevingne, the model and English actress of thirty-three years, walking the streets of buenos aires for a few days and does so in the company of a young argentine actor…

The blonde yesterday I was wishing happy birthday to Paris Hilton, and that is a member of one of the great families of the high English aristocracy (his maternal grandmother was a close friend of princess Margaret, sister of Queen Elizabeth II), is in the capital of our country.

Poppy in Puerto Madero.

And even if she’s doing several postings that reflect how well that is going, the purpose of your visit is purely labour. It happens that in our streets is currently filming the third season of Rivierathe great production that has as its protagonist Julie Stiles.

The cast (Poppy is on the right) in a previous season.

In our country, the strip had an impact in November 2019, when Franco Massini joined the cast.

Since then, and from several european cities (Nice, Cannes, Venice and Saint-Tropez, among others), the young actors reflected their good vibes.

Might be interested in

Franco and Delevingne in full party.

At the end of January, the entire cast, the production and the technique of this giant Sky Atlantic will be moved to Buenos Aires to film the last episodes of the season. And between takes, the artist, who lives with his sister, the well-known Cara Delevingne, in a Los Angeles home decorated with the theme jungle (there are plants everywhere, chairs, green, deck chairs and bamboo chandeliers rattan), he shared cute moments on their social networks.

The care for a horse in a day of filming.
Internalization with the great tree of Recoleta, located opposite the Church of the Pillar.

In addition, the actress took tango lessons and enjoyed the views of our city. Yesterday, for example, said “that incredible view” while filming the domes of the Cabildo, the Cathedral and the galería Güemes.