The stunning photo of Adele, with 30 kilos less


“Unrecognizable.” “Without words”. “Looks like a different person”. Fans of Adele do not give credit to the new image much more thin the singer, who appeared in one of the private parties after the Oscars, which they organized Beyoncé and Jay-Z with a dress close-fitting leopard that marked an incredible cinturita de avispa.

The interpreter of ‘Hello’, 31 years old, went to the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood with a dramatic ‘look’. In addition to the dress in ‘animal print’ encrusted with sparkly, diva British wore an updo, hoop earrings, and giant a makeup very sophisticated where protruded the ‘eyeliner’ black, and the eyebrows very marked, to highlight your look feline.

In the image that has vitalized in the networks listed next to a popular tv presenter in Polish, Kinga Rusin, who in addition to fulfilling the dream of meeting the singer of ‘Someone like you’ and winner of 15 Grammy awards, is photographed next to her. “I honestly do not recognize her because it is very thin”, has described in a message that you have posted on social networks.

“I spoke with Adele for 30 minutes and I didn’t realize who she was until I said her name. She really looks like a different woman after her considerable weight loss. We chatted about shoes and we danced a lot in one incredible night,” says the journalist.

New fans for the sport

The physical change of Adele actually started a few months ago. After separating in April of her husband, Simon Koneckiin October, it reappeared in the celebration of the 33rd birthday of rapper Drake: I was already quite changed and looked much more stylized. That evening, with her dress of black velvet, the interpreter of ‘Rolling in the Deep’ was the star, and the pictures and videos of the ‘party’ is virilization also.

Apparently Adele has pointed to the diet Sirtfood, which is based on foods that interact with a group of proteins called sirtuins, and with which it is possible to lose about three kilos a week, in addition, to rejuvenate the body and repair cells. It is a diet that is “dangerous” since it reduces the daily consumption of calories to 1,000 per day in the first week, spread over three vegetable juices and a single meal can include turkey, chicken, or parsley.

This diet was designed for a group of ‘celebrities’ in one of the gyms of London fashion by nutritionists Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten.

“Before I used to cry, now sudo”, wrote the singer along with a photo on Instagram, hinting their new interest for the sport, specifically the pilates.

It should be remembered that Adele already thinned drastically in 2015: in full promotion of the album ’25’ reappeared with 68 pounds less.