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The rapper hinted that the magazine is an understatement and, despite the drama, it was already included in the select group of wealthy individuals.

No one knows for sure how to interpret the message that the rapper Kanye West sent to the magazine Forbes, to finally give him the title of billionaire.

The unpredictable behaviors of the past make you believe that pride has reappeared in the husband of Kim Kardashian.

“Are $3,300 million since no one at Forbes knows how to count”, it was the message that the interpreter of “Famous” sent to the magazine, as in his judgment were underestimating their profits.

According to Forbes, the estimated wealth of the West is $ 1.3 billion. A value enough to be on the list of people with a value of at least $ 1 billion.

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After the anger of Kanye, the magazine argued that it took into account the debts, the “lack of liquidity of the assets” and the tendency of the magazine to “look at the self-appraisals in a manner somewhat skeptical”. However Kanye is finally recognized as a billionaire.

Facet of businessman

The shoes Yeezy from the rapper born in Chicago, of 42 years, often sells for more than $ 200 per pair in the united States and in other places.

West was a partner with Nike for years, but broke up in 2013, lending his name to Adidas when they launched their first shoe together in 2015.

Forbes said that for years the West has been pushing for the magazine to be included as a multi-millionaire, but who declined for lack of evidence.

The magazine said, to take into account an aspiring millionaire, for years he had applied what he called the rule of Trump: “take what the future president insisted that it was worth, divide that between three and begin to refine from there.”

Much of the rest of the wealth of the West comes from real estate it owns, the magazine said.

West is the second rapper american to reach the Forbes list after Jay-Z, who made the cut last year.

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