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Last Sunday, as every April 26, from 2008, it was celebrated the International Day of Visibility of the Lesbian. The initiative was established 12 years ago in Spain, as part of the activities of the collective Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT+).

On the occasion of this Day of Visibility of the Lesbian, we reviewed one of the chapters of the book Miralas Gambetear – women change the history of football with golazos to gender bias: Pride is political, the ball also.

Pride is political, the ball also

“In a society that teaches us to shame, pride is a political response”

One of the taboos largest in the football (soccer) is referred to the community LGBTIQ. The women’s football, with the feminist struggle of women and disagreement, came also to start to speak and to make visible to all, all, todes, everybody, [email protected] Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, transvestite, intersex and queer.

The ball that began to circulate women and disagreement with the marches, the national meetings, and more points of confluence was shifted also to the side of them. In Argentina there is a new generation of footballers, men who speak, for example, of homosexuality in football. Matías “El Monito” Vargas -a former player of Vélez Sársfield – and Juan Cruz Komar -defender of Workshops of Cordoba – pasted it several whacks at the ball to open the “closet” that contains many.

“It is time for football to take a step beyond. You have honesty, you speak of homosexuality. How many players are in the world, and neither is homosexual? Does not exist.”, had manifested Vargas in an interview with the FM94.7, the radius of the Group October.

“There is that change from within the culture of homophobia and macho of football. (…) I think that it is good to perform a rethinking from the inside of the football. Because the players suck all of this from always, never re-envisioning, no one is the poses. From bottom up First, naturalize the jokes, listen to in the bleachers songs insulting the opponent in the same direction… then, if there is an instance that arising within the football, the player will continue absorbing the same hatred and reproduciéndolo all his life, was one of the conclusions that Komar had expressed to The Ink (

In 2019, during the World cup in France, was in the news a kiss between footballers women that will come out of the heteronormativity. The protagonists were the player Danish Pernille Harder and the Swedish Magdalena Eriksson. Harder, one of the best players in the world, was in the grandstand with his partner during the match Sweden beat Canada to reach the quarter-final. Finished the match and gave a kiss on the stadium, which toured the world. Harder was one of the great absent from the finals due to a pay dispute with the union of football players and with the federation of Danish.

“The stamina, the passion, they have often served to justify songs homoodiantes, misogynists, sexists, xenophobic against the adversary. On the pitch, fucking, women, travas and migrants also constitute the Other that there is to submit and to dominate, in a dynamic of enjoyment of sadomasochistic quite particular. There is only to wait for someone to say “I broke the ortho” as an expression of victory to listen to the repression speak for itself.”

Santiago Santana in a note to The Tea

“We can use this beautiful sport to really change the world”

“I want a hair cut like Cristiano Ronaldo”. “I’m going to celebrate the goal with the DybalaMask”. “I would like to have the boots of Messi.” The footballers become idols and referents in the world. Are on the t-shirts of thousands of kids, and girls?, in wallpapers, on billboards. This 2019, with the last World of Women’s Football played in France, many players reached that place. “It has been an incredible year for the women’s football. To those who are getting in a little late to the party, well, welcome,” he said, ironically Megan Rapinoe during the gala in that took the prize for The Best of FIFA on the 23rd of September. The same day that the argentine Lionel Messi won this award in the male branch.

Rapinoe, who was also chosen as the Gold Cup in France in 2019, where his team was consecrated champion, won the triple to Alex Morgan (Usa) and Lucy Bronze (England).

When they came up to receive his prize, took back the time and the place to raise the voice against the discrimination within the football, mainly the racism and the homophobia.

“I feel that, if we want to have a real change, we need to not only Raheem Sterling and Koulibaly, but that all were just as upset about racism as they are. If they were all equally upset by the homophobia as the players of the community, LGBTIQ, if they were all equally upset by the lack of equal pay or lack of support for the womens sports and not just women, that would be a maximum inspiration. (…) We have a unique opportunity that does not have the rest of the sports and we can use this beautiful sport to really change the world. Is what I ask to all, I hope you do something about it with all the power there is in this room. Many thanks and it has been an honor. Good night.”

Photo: Bildbyrån

Source: “Pride is political, the ball also”, chapter extracted from “Miralas Gambetear – Women change the history of football with golazos to gender bias”, the second book of the Cooperative of Work to The Touch Ltda.

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