The video of Anitta to the ‘Salma Hayek’, with just a snake on top!


Anitta continues to get up passions wherever it goes. The singer is a celebrity on social networks and accumulates more than 46 million followers only in Instagram. The brazilian shows his whole life and does not hide anything, even your last video to the ‘Salma Hayek’.

Anitta has not had a problem in publishing a videclip full of sensuality. The singer appears surrounded by a serpent and, in most of the scenes, is completely naked. Their traditional dances, their contoneos of the hip, the snakes own of the video and a publication that, as it could not be otherwise, has caused furor in the social networks.

Anitta, compared with Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek he became very famous with a video like during a movie. It was in ‘dusk till dawn’, where the actress appears surrounded by snakes, and making dances that resemble this of Anitta.

The brazilian, at 27 years old, is still news of today, despite the crisis of the coronavirus. This same Saturday, he sent a suggestive message to J Balvin with a video spectacular and full of sensuality. It has also been shown exercising weights at home, in addition to demonstrate that you can afford to go in a bikini for her house. Up has dared to teach their sex toys.

The famous photo of Salma Hayek with which to compare Anitta.
The famous photo of Salma Hayek with which to compare Anitta.

All this, of course, from home. Anitta, as the greater part of the world, still confined in her home in the hope that they pass the quarantine due to the health crisis of the coronavirus. And meanwhile, how not to, is shown on Instagram and dazzles his fans.