the week of the show, Travis Scott


We are going with the new edition of #LoMejorDeLaSemana. The playlist Sunday is back to show all of that content, whether for one reason or another, have not been able to hear over the last few days.

On this occasion, of course, it is mandatory to enter the list with the incredible turmoil that has mounted Travis Scott next to Providedbringing the world of the concert to a new level.

We are still freaking out with the sight of Travis, but, of course, we have to talk about much more. Tap to talk about the past simple of Lil Uzi, which is unleashed in 2020. Also comment what game Dellafuenteon the one hand, and C Tanganaon the other, that they want to continue demonstrating its validity for the throne of the national scene.

To conclude, the advancement of the Deluxe edition the last album Lil Baby and the collaboration between 6LACK and K Camp in the new work Camp will be the themes in charge of close is edition.

Do you ready? Therefore, it is not talk more. Pass by here below and enjoy a time of #LoMejorDeLaSemana.

Travis Scott ft Kid Cudi – ‘The Scotts’

The event of the week and of the month, without a doubt. What he has done Travis with your concert in Fortnite. I don’t know how, but the video game Epic Games always manages to return to be in the mouth of all the world time and time again.

Travis took advantage of its collaboration with the Battle Royale to submit a new single next to Kid Cudi and, of course, the impact he has had has been absolutely amazing.

Dellafuente – ‘The Moon’

Returns the Della more reggaetonero. After launching its compilation a few days ago Chinese returns with ‘The Moon’one of those singles that still keeping that classic scent to earlier stages of the music of granada. Without a doubt, a good hit to dance when things get back to normal.

C Tangana – ‘I Am Never’

C Tangana back with a classic. No, it is not that the madrid native has been singing ‘In Ruins like Rome’ in their last live, or anything like that. The thing is that, in his new single, Pucho has caught the letter from a number of those songs that everyone has heard on the radio some time and has given you shape with your own personal style.

If you have heard ‘I Am Never’ already, it is very likely that you should go with the broken heart at this point.

K Camp ft Jacquees – “What’s On Your Mind”

Here is the capping of the week. If, in normal, are not of that class of people who are closely following the world of R&B, it is highly likely that you have overlooked the new job K Campentitled ‘Kiss 5′. Luckily, in this playlist there is always time to discover a bit of good music.

Within a tracklist riddled with stars of the stature of 6LACK, Wale or Jeremih, I have decided to opt for “What’s On Your Mind” next to Jacquees by the vibrations so peaceful that it transmits.

Lil Uzi Vert – ‘Sasuke’

It may not be the best time of our lives, but that is no reason to stop celebrating things. Lil Uzi Vert he is very happy with the success that is having ‘Eternal Atake’ -it is not for less, taking into account that it has taken nearly two years of more in get it out-so that he wanted to gift his followers with ‘Sasuke’, a song whose title, if you have ever seen “Naruto”, you will find it quite familiar.

Lil Baby – ‘All In’

What is coming Deluxe version ‘My Turn’? Clearly. Lil Baby is brewing as the next steps of his musical career, which remains to the upside after the release of an album that, besides being of great quality, keeps that identity that has led it to establish itself in the scene as one of its most important strongholds.

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