Tom Holland was going to stop the drinking, but received a bottle of gin on the part of Ryan Reynolds


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As any hero of the Marvel Universe, Tom Holland is in strict quarantine inside your home, but that doesn’t mean you walk away and the spotlight completely.

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Recently, the interpreter of Spider-Man attended a video call with the acclaimed conductor night Jimmy Kimmel. There, Tom talked about their concrete plans to quarantine.

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Holland said he was trying to remove some of their bad habits, but learning to relax was paramount to him. In specific, the “young Peter Parker” was proposed not to take even a single drop of alcohol during social distancing.

It was there where the side troll Ryan Reynolds came out afloat: he sent Holland a bottle full of geneva Aviation, a brand that the same protagonist Deadpool is the majority shareholder.

Holland is doing quarantine with three more friends, so the challenge of video games in a group are not lacking, but the actor of Spider-Man was already convinced not to drink alcohol:

I saw a lot of movies and I caught up with the story of the film and all of a sudden I was drinking a lot. I decided to stop drinking for now and my friends know it… but just the next morning of my decision, it appeared that bottle of gin in my door with a signature of Ryan (Reynolds). I guess… now we have to seize it.

For his part, Kimmel joked that “Deadpool was trying to corrupt Spider-Man,” would you like that at some point your actors are crossed on the big screen?


Meanwhile, Holland also showed that you can be a hero full-time: put on some clothes in a reference to “Spidey” to surprise Billy, the son of Kimmel, who was celebrating his third birthday.

The small was so excited to see your hero on screen and had a brief chat. Another participant surprise was Jane, daughter of Kimmel, who said that Holland “had a face very cute”.


How are you going you this quarantine?, do you could use a video call with “Spidey”? It tell us in the comments!

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