Travis Scott groaned with sweet video next to Stormi Webster


Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner is embarazaron almost three years ago, and the product of their love, was born Stormi Webster. Your adorable daughter has grown up under the luxuries of the popular Kardashians and their young age there is no person who does not know it.

Travis Scott was moved to playing with Stormi

Stormi it is the envy of any girl as their parents indulge in an impressive manner, with clothing, tennis, parties, eccentric birthday, games in the yard, toys, etc, but one of the gifts that most will provide is the quality time both with Kylie as with Travis.


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This was demonstrated in a recent video from Instagram where you can see Travis playing basketball with his beautiful and gentle daughter. In addition, despite that the couple has ended their relationship on several occasions, have always maintained a friendly atmosphere for the small Stormi.

Even on his holiday two years ago, the famous hung together despite not yet returning to be couple, with the time both were revealing tracks that announced they were back together, however this has not been confirmed by any of them.

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What Travis and Kylie are a couple?

Without a doubt when Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott to return to make an appearance in public together it will be something epic as the last time they posed for the cameras was because of the birthday Stormi but it would be nice to see them again as a couple in love, as it was a couple of years ago.

For its part, Kylie Jenner continues with the great success of its line of makeup and even a couple of weeks ago he premiered a new palette of shadows with the name Stormi.