Trends of cuffed jeans in 2020


Not only the straight jeans, slouchy and skinny jeans will share his reign during the 2020. The cuffed jeans announced their big comeback, becoming this way in the hit unexpected of the season. This pant, silhouette slightly skinny in the top style and straight to the hips that stretches to the under, was seen on the catwalks of prestigious international brands such as Chloé, Alberta Ferretti, Dior and Giambattista Valli. All of them coincided at a point, in this opportunity it will be essential to show them with a shot from waist high to be aware of the latest trends.

To delve into the path of the cuffed jeans we found that the latter had its peak at the end of the decade of the sixties, thanks to the unquestionable success of the styles of the bands of pop male that caused sensation among the public, and caused a cluster of people began to imitate them. By that time, this model boasted bright colours, shades of turquoise or even flirted with the color gamut of the browns, according to the parts outlined by the French house Fontenoy and the british designer Michael Fish.

Cuffed jeans designed by Yves Saint Laurent in the 70s.

© Reg Lancaster

With the passing of the years, the low became increasingly wide and the cut in the waist, becoming even more clingy. In 1967 the legendary French designer Yves Saint Laurent introduced his famous tuxedo female You smokingsetting the precedent with a low slightly flared for the female community that was to become a celebrated milestone in the history of fashion. Although it truly has been the trend disk the main responsible for the popularization of the pants hood entering the decade of the seventies.

Virtually everybody was wearing cuffed jeans in that timefrom the first lady Jackie Kennedy to the fans of the hippie culture, who have acquired the models of Levi’s as their own, almost like a uniform, in version flared and worn. It is also the unforgettable outfit worn by Diane Keaton in the film directed by Woody Allen in 1977, Annie Hall, where I could glimpse with a wide trousers of linen, white shirt and tie female signed by Ralph Lauren.

Gigi Hadid wears jeans to the hip flared

© Jim Spellman

In these months, the cuffed jeans have begun to stain the asphalt of the Fashion Weeks that took place in September and February, in addition to international firms that have decided to bet for the court flared. Celebrities have also been unable to escape from this trend, and among the most well-known who have opted for the bell is american actress Margot Robbie, Selena Gomez, Bella and Gigi Hadid.

Definitely the cuffed jeans revolutionized the decade of the seventy, they returned with their air vintage at the beginning of the year 2000, although with a shot significantly lower and they have now proposed to be incorporated into our closet to give ourselves with its purest form.

What color are the cuffed jeans in 2020?

The cuffed jeans from the latest collection spring/summer 2020 Victoria Beckham.

© Courtesy of Victoria Beckham.

The colors trend the year according to the looks protagonists of the street style of the capitals of fashion, and reaffirmed by the international gateways, are the white, black, or blue denim. In turn, shades of violet, pink, old or blue ultra-light with worn effect become the trend during the spring months and the summer season according to the designs introduced by Alberta Ferretti, Chloé and Akris.

The hue classic defined the style of the season Victoria Beckham, as in Annakiki, only that with a low extremely broad and Bella Freud brushed the dark color.

What material are the cuffed jeans trend in 2020?

The cuffed jeans in dark shades will be trend this year.

© Estrop

The denim or denim continues emerging as the material undisputed the year 2020, and surely the periods to come. This fabric emerged to make work clothes in the ancient times because of its properties of robustness and firmness, is presented with all its glory on brands such as And/Project, Levi s, Roaman’s, Victoria Beckham and Bottega Veneta. Especially in these last two cases, in which it is used only cotton in its composition.

However, brands like The Row, Rag & Bone or J Brand have been constructed pieces with a certain hint of stretch to provide even more elasticity to the garment.

What detail, wear the cuffed jeans trend in 2020?

Collection autumn/winter 2020 Longchamp.

© Victor VIRGILE

The proposals of the season pass multiple buttons on the front of the jeans flared Elisabetta Franchi, betting on the trend cut-off at Maison Margiela, and with patches in different shades of blue and light blue in Nicolas Lecourt Mansion.

The effect of worn queen in firms such as Victoria Beckham, Saint Laurent, The Row or Céline, the bass is left to the view in Chloé and the lace decorated the lower part of the leg in House of Holland. The prescriptoras of style’s most recognized street style have worn with pockets in the front, and small breaks in the knee area.

What bodies are best the cuffed jeans trend in 2020?

Cuffed Jeans in the fashion Week of Paris.

© Edward Berthelot

The pants trend in 2020 generally favour the majority of the silhouettes, but particularly are an excellent option for balancing a wide hips, as with the under hood is achieved to divert the attention from that area. The garment which use must begin to be extended from above the knee to be in line with the hips, as that is always best done with one of high kick that make you look the slimmer silhouette and wear it with heels to create an effect of refining on the face.

How wear cuffed jeans-on-trend in 2020?

The cuffed jeans are the latest trend in the streets of Paris.

© Vanni Bassetti

The t-shirt white and heeled booties black square have always been a big essential of our wardrobe. If to this we add a gabardine vinyl in a peculiar color that enhances the look, as worn by this model after the parade of Balmain in Paris, we get a outfit masterful.

The cuffed jeans can also combine with a crop-top, tennis shoes and classic jean jacket to the waist. If instead we require to look more sophisticated, the choice should be leaning towards a shirt or blouse of romantic aesthetics, with stilettos or high-heeled shoes high and a mini bag on-trend.

What other shoes will feel good in these pants? Besides the already mentioned, you are going to be perfectly loafers, flats, and mules colorful in the warmer months of the year.

What are the most common mistakes when wearing cuffed jeans in trend in 2020?

The model Kukua Williams wears cuffed jeans in the fashion week of Milan.

The most common errors when wearing cuffed jeans are in models with an extension that desfavorezca the silhouette. In order to stylize the legs, it is necessary that the hem of the pants cover the shoe, and is close to the ground, as this presumes the model Kukua Williams at the Fashion Week in Milan. Also, it is essential show them with high heels to stylize the figure and to swing for a garment that is tight from the waist to the knee, and the type of bell, widening slightly until it touches the ground.