Video Mia Khalifa wears tiny lingerie on photo shoot


Mia Khalifa shared a video on his account of Instagram where it looks lingerie transparent and with very little fabric, you’ll see it like never before.

The now model and commentator of sports continues to be news in the search engines of the Internet, despite having withdrawn from the industry of movies for adults continues to be of the women most sought after.

For this popularity Khalifa used his own name for new projects that have nothing to do with the adult film, despite the fact that many internet users would like to see her again.

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Were twenty-nine films in which he participated in just twelve months, for after you retire but continue to be one of the celebrities favorite of some internet users.

What called more the attention to become on-trend at that time was not exactly his “action” but it called the attention that in one of the scenes in this used its hijab.

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This is a symbol in their culture achieving that was put away in a certain way in the Middle East in addition to acting in that kind of movies.

In the video in mention appears Mia sitting on a mat with teddy on the side of a window as the rays of the sun filtered between the room.

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“I wanted this session was a little more intimate and less produced, but I think that might actually be my best gallery to date! Link in my bio to get access ♥ ️ (just hair and makeup by ME! I’m so proud of myself!)”, shared Khalifa in the description.

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In addition to being a model and commentator sports he is also an entrepreneur, due to his success with the male audience and their popularity decided to give taste to several people, creating a calendar that she herself stars in, signed and sent to their buyers.

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