Video: Tom Holland, was to buy eggs and as I had not, I was a chicken! Viral |


The actor is in isolation and as a lot of people around the world, went out for provisions,



that has been caused by the rapid transmission of the virus



did that many people will react with panic and end up looting the supermarkets, which currently suffer from water shortage in some parts of the world. This phenomenon already charged you bill

Tom Holland

who , at least, took it with good humor.

The actor who plays


in the Universe Film of Marvel shared a video through their stories of Instagram, which boasted that to lack of eggs in the super, your second choice was purchase a chicken.

“Because of what is happening, the supermarkets are empty and we couldn’t find any eggs, so to solve the problem, we become the source of eggs, by purchasing this hen. This is called ‘Predator’,” said the artist just before the animal got out shot his arm and the gimiera of apparent pain.

This clip has generated sympathy among the followers of the artists, some have even called it a genius. However, despite this fun time courtesy of Holland, it is clear is that the shortage caused by the panic is beginning to affect more and more people, even celebrities.

In recent weeks, the authority’s health have insisted that the citizens of the world keep calm and remain isolated to avoid the spread of the virus, in addition to remind them that it is important not to fall into panic and empty the supermarkets.

In the City of Mexico was announced since the Monday, march 23, the closure of bars, discos, cinemas, theaters, museums, and other places. Mexico is currently in phase 2 of this contingency.